The eight (8) EXPRESS Facilities:

  • Provide accommodations for multiple small payloads

  • Provide standard interfaces and resources for small payloads

  • Allow on-orbit reconfiguration

  • Accommodate single, double, or quadruple middeck locker-type payloads, and 4 Panel Unit International Subrack Interface Standard Drawers

  • Support the simultaneous and independent operation of multiple payloads within the rack

  • Accommodate multiple experiment disciplines

  • Support simple and efficient integration of payloads

  • Facility-Level training, operations, sustaining engineering, logistics, and maintenance provided by ISS Program to facilitate subrack payload operations

  • Conducting science and technology experiment operations since April 24, 2001

  • Payloads are flown up in stowage or powered, on the Space X or Orbital Commercial Space vehicles or JAXA's HTV and relocated to EXPRESS Facilities on-orbit for operation

  • A Payload Integration Manager (PIM) serves as the payload focal point and single interface to the ISS Program